Siege Of Augusta 2015 Announced

Siege Of Troy - From Siege Of Augusta 2005

Siege Of Troy – From Siege Of Augusta 2005

Siege of Augusta XXIV News – January 16-18, 2015

Pre-registration is open!

The Siege of Augusta Website has been updated to include all the information you need to register for the convention and book your hotel room.

We are also taking games and building the grid now.  If you want to run a game, check out the information in the Event List portion of the webpage or on the pre-registration form.

We have a great line up of tournaments already set including, FoW, Bolt Acton, SAGA, Warrior, DBA, War Machine/Hordes (and other Privateer Press Games), Warhammer Fantasy GT, Jugula, and MTG.  We may still add some more.

Check us out at  You can also check out all of the great photos from last year.

We invite you to join us at the SoA XXIV!

The SoA

Cauldron 2014 : Good People, Good Times…

I’ve got more shots than just these two, but here is a just a taste of the Low Level Hell Vietnam match. When I do get the time to get more of my photos cropped and re-sized, I’ll put into this public photo folder on Google Plus:

Higher res shots are on the Google Plus gallery linked above.



Cauldron 2014 Reminder, Atomic Empire Durham,NC

Howdy all. Just a reminder that our upcoming game day Cauldron 2014 is coming soon. Saturday June 7th, Noon to 4PM. The Atomic Empire home page is here in case you want to check out the venue -


We hope to see you all there! Bring at least one friend along with you!

Steve R’s Shots From Spring Fever and Cold Wars 2014

Steve Raynor recently posted some very nice shots of both Spring Fever 2014 and Cold Wars 2014. Here is one shot from The Fever. See more at the links below the picture.


More Spring Fever 2014 Shots Are Here.

More Cold Wars 2014 Shots Are Over here.

VERY Nicely done shots Steve. THANK YOU For posting them to the Yahoo Group.


Some shots and a short video link, Dark Ages match Hangar 18

Some shots from today’s dark ages match at Hangar 18, as presented by Bob E.






My Little World Of Dementia’s Spring Fever Shots

springfever14 001

Check them all out over here -