Southern Front 2015 and Crucible 2015


Southern Front 2014 – Some Chain Of Command Action!

TWO heads up. One is CRUCIBLE 2015, which will be held SEPTEMBER 12
at GAME THEORY of Raleigh.NC.
START TIME 12PM (store opens at 11)
Venue is 2×2
If you’re interested in judging let Bruce Schaper know via the Yahoo Mailing list.

Also, SOUTHERN FRONT 2015 is absolutely open for business.
or just click on Southern Front tab at the top of this web page. Submit your games and or pre-registrations now. Both forms are working properly and have been tested often as still working. Also of note, the hotel code is visible on the page, and has recently been re-tested as working via the online link. So get your hotel reservations in while the getting is good too.
Peter Robbins

Cauldron 2015 – at Atomic Empire of Durham NC


Hope to see you all at our next game day which will be held Saturday June 6th from 11AM to 3PM at Atomic Empire of Durham NC. For directions, see their main web page –

I believe Bruce will be running a WWII Panzer Marsch! game, and Ed will be running a 28mm Napoleonic game.

See you all there!

Barrage 2015 – Game Day A Success! Slideshow Of Photos

Here is a slideshow of photos from the Barrage 2015 game day, helmed by our TSS member Bruce Schaper. Thanks Bruce for both arranging the game day with Game Theory of Raleigh, but also for GM’ing! Also a thank you to David Minser for putting on a really nice Goblins and Trolls vs Dwarvish scum match. And yes, I was on the goblin side if you can’t tell : ) It was a really nice setup. Of course Bruce, your Vietnam helo game is spectacular looking as well. David and I had about four different groups of people come up after you all left for lunch asking about the setup and the rules used.  NOTE: If you click on any of the photos while the slideshow is running you will be taken over to the full size images in the picasaweb album.

Barrage 2015 – GAME THEORY in RALEIGH


Barrage 2015 has been scheduled for Saturday, April 18th, at GAME THEORY in RALEIGH   from 11 AM to 6PM. Keep an eye out on the tss yahoo group for more information on this game day. Once a game listing is available, we’ll be sure to link it here and in the main page news items. There will be two game slots at 11AM. And two additional game slots at 3PM. Each game will last ~three hours. There will be an hour break in between for grabbing food and chatting.


Get in contact with Bruce Schaper via the Yahoo mailing list to sign up as a GM for one of the slots.

Just two heads up, Bobs Naval game and Cold Steel 2015

Just a quick reminder that Bob’s naval match is this Saturday, starting at 1PM at Hangar 18 Hobbies in Cary. Here is the Facebook EVENT page for that match.

Also, Cold Steel 2015 will be held from 11AM to 6PM-ish at Gamer’s Armory in Cary, on February 7th. I added a small note/update from Bruce in regards to what is being offered on the Game Day And FLGS Event tab of the site. Just for the sake of ease of finding, I’ve also pasted that blurb below this pic.


More Details from Bruce Schaper on Coldsteel 2015 (UPDATED 1/21/2015)
11 am Slot
Brian and Ed have their “Illustrious” engagement WW 2 Mediterranean.
Second Slot is still open
3 PM Greg Robitaille will deploy a game 
June 16, 1815
Perponcher’s Gamble  15mm Napoleonic
Carnage and Glory 1-4 players
Also in the 3PM slot Dave Minser will have a game.
In another world entirely, a fantasy battle, with Dwarves, Orcs, and assorted other humanoids I am sure.



Happy New Year! – and Upcoming Events, Local and Regional


First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all. 2014 was great. 2015 will be even better! Game on!SoA_LastYear

Just a quick reminder that Siege of Augusta XXIV is Jan 16-18, 2015. Their PEL was recently updated on their main site –


Also, Bob E. will be running his Goeben Gambit scenario using the Fear God and Dreadnought! rules at Hangar 18 Hobbies in Cary, NC on January 24th, 2015 at 1PM. More information is available on the event’s facebook page here.

Southern Front 2015 Hotel Code Info For Reduced Rates

Hello fellow wargamers. We have been provided the code for the Holiday Inn for a reduced room rate  during the Southern Front 2015 weekend. The code is “TSS”. We’ve added the information to the Southern Front web page. You should be able to call the hotel directly and use that code, or use a web based link that was recently provided. In checking the rate by walking through the process, it showed up as $89 per night for a single or double occupancy room (same price showed up for either option).

Thanks for a great convention!

Just a quick word of thanks to all attendees, GMs, and dealers for helping make Southern Front 2014 a success. A particularly hardy thank you to all the folks that traveled far and wide to be with us this year! We hope you enjoyed your stay and the convention. A flyer for next year’s Southern Front 2015 has already been created. That flyer can be downloaded here.


54mm Napoleonics At Southern Front 2014. GM Joe B.

Once more gallery links are sent to us directly or via the TSS Yahoo Group we’ll add links to more Southern Front photos. Above was just one of my quick and not so non-blurry shots using an iPhone.


See You At Southern Front!!


See you at the front! Final game listing is up. Table assignment images for FRIDAY and SATURDAY are here and here (some final adjustments may be made before day of event but near final there). Any wonkiness on those schedule images, feel free to get in touch with me at murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com. Sunday is additionally here, but subject to change.

Siege Of Augusta 2015 Announced

Siege Of Troy - From Siege Of Augusta 2005

Siege Of Troy – From Siege Of Augusta 2005

Siege of Augusta XXIV News – January 16-18, 2015

Pre-registration is open!

The Siege of Augusta Website has been updated to include all the information you need to register for the convention and book your hotel room.

We are also taking games and building the grid now.  If you want to run a game, check out the information in the Event List portion of the webpage or on the pre-registration form.

We have a great line up of tournaments already set including, FoW, Bolt Acton, SAGA, Warrior, DBA, War Machine/Hordes (and other Privateer Press Games), Warhammer Fantasy GT, Jugula, and MTG.  We may still add some more.

Check us out at  You can also check out all of the great photos from last year.

We invite you to join us at the SoA XXIV!

The SoA