Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thanks for a great convention!

Just a quick word of thanks to all attendees, GMs, and dealers for helping make Southern Front 2014 a success. A particularly hardy thank you to all the folks that traveled far and wide to be with us this year! We hope you enjoyed your stay and the convention. A flyer for next year’s Southern Front 2015 has already been created. That flyer can be downloaded here.


54mm Napoleonics At Southern Front 2014. GM Joe B.

Once more gallery links are sent to us directly or via the TSS Yahoo Group we’ll add links to more Southern Front photos. Above was just one of my quick and not so non-blurry shots using an iPhone.


See You At Southern Front!!


See you at the front! Final game listing is up. Table assignment images for FRIDAY and SATURDAY are here and here (some final adjustments may be made before day of event but near final there). Any wonkiness on those schedule images, feel free to get in touch with me at murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com. Sunday is additionally here, but subject to change.