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Southern Front 2015 Was Wonderful – Hope You Enjoyed It Too


War Of 1812 – What If Scenario, GM’d by Ron Oldham (Southern Front 2015)

I for one loved the event this year. I thought everyone really brought their A games GM wise across the board. I’ve placed a few photos of various games I was able to jump over to and photo over on the G+ Historical Miniatures community, which I do urge you to join. G+ is a great social media tool.

The main G+ Historical Miniatures community is over here too, many nice folks post over there –

Enjoy what limited photos I was able to muster. IF you have any photo gallery links of your own that you’d like to submit for linkage here, let me know via murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com. We absolutely hope to put on a similar Southern Front 2016 and once that information becomes available to me as webmaster I’ll post it. I’m sure we’ll post in the yahoo news group as well as here on site when that information becomes available.

Final Southern Front 2015 PEL and Table Layouts Posted

The final PEL and Table Layouts have been posted to the SF 2015 main page.

Here is the Final PEL and here is the Final Table Layout. Any other edits or additions or deletions will be made at the event.

Per Peter Hume the Game Scheduler “Final listing.¬† There is room for a game or two on Friday Afternoon or Sunday..but otherwise sold out.”

If you have any issues with what you see, please send an email to Peter Hume at peterhume3562 AT gmail DOT com