EVENT CANCELLED. See main page for notice.


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The Spring Offensive is a new TSS two day historical miniatures convention starting in 2020. It will be held from Friday April 3rd (Noon start time) until Saturday April 4th, 2020 (11PM end time) at the
40 West Grill & Convention Center , in Burlington, NC. Bruce Schaper, long time member of TSS will be the inaugural director. Bruce will also be the game scheduler. If you wish to get in touch with us regarding this event, please send me an email at murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com, and I will get your information over to Bruce. You can alternatively contact Bruce privately, via the Yahoo mailing list, or via our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Basic Event Information:

The Spring Offensive 2020 will be held at the 40 West Grill & Convention Center in Burlington, NC from Friday, April 3rd NOON until Saturday, April 4th 11PM.

The Hotel

We have rooms blocked off at the Best Western Plus.  The location is 770 Huffman Road, Burlington.Attendees must call the hotel direct to get the room rate which is $85/night double occupancy.  Don’t go on line, don’t call the corporate number. Regular room rate is $129/night for same. The “Plus” is an upgraded version over a regular BW.  It’s got a restaurant and bar.  It’s a five minute drive from 40 West.  We’ve reserved a modest number of rooms but they will expand the number as demand needs. 

The Entrance Fee

We’re going to charge $20 cash at the door, whether you attend for one day or two. If you wish to sign up to play in a given match you can use the sign up sheets the day of the event, or you can digitally pre-sign up using the PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM which is available in the Important Links section at the top of this page. Let us know you are coming to the event AND sign up for matches so you don’t end up on a waiting list!

The Rations

There is a buffet style restaurant on site and two others within walking distance. The food at all 3 establishments is good. Fast food joints are close at hand. There is no alcohol allowed in the gaming room.  If we can determine before the event that attendance will be good, then we might splurge and get a bar tender in the room for a Saturday happy hour.  Be advised, for this first event, the consumption of alcohol and where it happens is not a priority.  In this regard, you’re on your own. 

The Venue

40 West is not a shiny new place but it’s not a dump either.  Lighting is good.  Ceiling is 8 feet.  Room is mostly carpeted. They’re opening two smaller rooms with the Carolina room to make one large room.  Bathrooms are close at hand to the room.  We will get a floor plan of the place and post it on this page.  Loading doc operations shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe a 10 yard walk once you get inside. At any rate, it’ll be flat walking.  Parking places are right up against the doors.  I’ll figure out a way to see if we can keep the parking space clear in front of the doors to make life a bit easier.  They’ve got an electronic marquee board along the highway. It’ll say something like “Welcome historical miniature gamers”, (to be determined).


There will be 10 x 6x10ft tables ready to play on, 5 general time slots, starting from Friday afternoon to Saturday night.  Games should be submitted by filling out the form on this page or to Bruce Schaper. gamespew@yahoo.com.  An updated PEL will be published as new games are added. The goal is an update once a week at the minimum.  If GM’s are comfortable to edit the PEL themselves we may do that, but it could open a can worms in several respects, so for now we will keep the single scheduler process.  If you want to claim a table that you’re going to use over several time slots but haven’t got the games figured out yet, let us know anyway and the tables yours.