Southern Front 2016 Final PEL Posted

Hello all. We look very much forward to the event next weekend! We now have the Final PEL for you to view over here. This is the last version of the PEL we will post. Any further adjustments will be made day-of the event. See you all there!

Southern Front PEL Version 9_17_2016 Posted

Here is the latest PEL for Southern Front 2016. If you find any errors in the PEL, let us know via the Yahoo Mailing List or Via the Facebook page as a comment/message.

Southern Front 2016 PEL Version 1 Posted

As promised, here is the first version of the SF2016 PEL. Thanks go to Peter Hume for providing this and again acting as game scheduler for the event.

TSS now additionally on Facebook, Chain Of Command Event, PEL Soon

Facebook Lawsuit

TSS Joins Facebook

Some news items:

– We are now on Facebook! We will cross-post event information on that site for ease of folks setting reminders and such. The page is at :

– Hangar 18 Hobbies of Cary, NC is hosting a Chain Of Command event on August 27th. That event is posted here:

– We will post a PEL for Southern Front by September 5th. We have 18 submitted games thus far. A cursory evaluation of the time slots shows there are tables available for all days/times. Get your games in now by mouse-over the Southern Front menu above, and click on Southern Front Games Submission Form.

– We went ahead and added Southern Front 2016 as an “event” on the Facebook page, so if you use FB often, you can like the page and Subscribe to that event for reminder sake.


Cauldron 2016 – Atomic Empire – Saturday May 14th


Just a heads up that the next game day is Cauldron at Atomic Empire in Durham

Saturday May 14th

Start time for the games will be 12 pm.

Same format as before – two games start at noon and two games start at 3-ish.

Use the Yahoo Mailing List (linked at top of our website) to communicate with the admin of Cauldron, Bruce Schaper.

Southern Front 2016 Forms Open For Business

We have re-linked and upgraded everything on the Southern Front 2016 page. Feel free to go ahead and pre-register and or submit games for the event when you wish. We also have supplied a coded web link titled Reserve Hotel Room which includes the “TSS” special rate code to reserve rooms for the event. You can of course also just call the hotel and mention that special group code of “TSS”. We have the hotel number on the Southern Front 2016 page banner as well as in the text of the page. If you run into any issues, please get in touch with the webmaster via the email address murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com. Alternatively, if you still get no response, ask via the TSS Yahoo Group. – Thanks, Peter Robbins (Webmaster)

Southern Front 2016 Banner Updated

Southern Front 2016 is a go! Below is a newer banner image for the event which I have additionally added to the Southern Front site proper. I’ve NOT yet activated the registration links as I still need to update a few things behind the scenes but those should be active witihin a few weeks. I’ll post news here and on the TSS Yahoo list when the links are all active. This is the same hotel from last year, it just goes by a slightly updated name now. It is now known as Holiday Inn Raleigh North – Midtown and its address is 2805 Highwoods Boulevard Raleigh, NC 27604.

Cold Steel 2016 a Go!

A Quick note from Bruce regarding Cold Steel 2016 game day –

“Hello Everyone!

We have two tables reserved for us on Saturday February 13 at GAME THEORY. The venue in Cary didn’t work out this time, he’s got a lot of stuff scheduled.  Same format as the other game days.

Two games start at 12 pm.

Two games start at 400 pm

Amazingly, this will be our THIRD year for Cold Steel.

For GM’s thinking about putting something on:  Table size is not a problem 6×8 footers.

The time is a bit of concern, so structure your game, so you don’t have to drag out your entire horde.

this makes set up and put up efficient.

Three hours of play time has been working out good. Players are still fresh for the second round.

The date is actually advantageous this year too.  It’s a no brainer what to ask for Valentines -go play a game.”

Get in touch via the Yahoo Group or directly to Bruce Schaper’s email which you can also obtain via the Yahoo Group. And if you have no idea how to get to the Yahoo message group, click on the Yahoo Mailing List tab at the top of this website.

Southern Front 2015 Was Wonderful – Hope You Enjoyed It Too


War Of 1812 – What If Scenario, GM’d by Ron Oldham (Southern Front 2015)

I for one loved the event this year. I thought everyone really brought their A games GM wise across the board. I’ve placed a few photos of various games I was able to jump over to and photo over on the G+ Historical Miniatures community, which I do urge you to join. G+ is a great social media tool.

The main G+ Historical Miniatures community is over here too, many nice folks post over there –

Enjoy what limited photos I was able to muster. IF you have any photo gallery links of your own that you’d like to submit for linkage here, let me know via murdockpeter AT gmail DOT com. We absolutely hope to put on a similar Southern Front 2016 and once that information becomes available to me as webmaster I’ll post it. I’m sure we’ll post in the yahoo news group as well as here on site when that information becomes available.

Final Southern Front 2015 PEL and Table Layouts Posted

The final PEL and Table Layouts have been posted to the SF 2015 main page.

Here is the Final PEL and here is the Final Table Layout. Any other edits or additions or deletions will be made at the event.

Per Peter Hume the Game Scheduler “Final listing.  There is room for a game or two on Friday Afternoon or Sunday..but otherwise sold out.”

If you have any issues with what you see, please send an email to Peter Hume at peterhume3562 AT gmail DOT com