Cold Steel 2016 a Go!

A Quick note from Bruce regarding Cold Steel 2016 game day –

“Hello Everyone!

We have two tables reserved for us on Saturday February 13 at GAME THEORY. The venue in Cary didn’t work out this time, he’s got a lot of stuff scheduled.  Same format as the other game days.

Two games start at 12 pm.

Two games start at 400 pm

Amazingly, this will be our THIRD year for Cold Steel.

For GM’s thinking about putting something on:  Table size is not a problem 6×8 footers.

The time is a bit of concern, so structure your game, so you don’t have to drag out your entire horde.

this makes set up and put up efficient.

Three hours of play time has been working out good. Players are still fresh for the second round.

The date is actually advantageous this year too.  It’s a no brainer what to ask for Valentines -go play a game.”

Get in touch via the Yahoo Group or directly to Bruce Schaper’s email which you can also obtain via the Yahoo Group. And if you have no idea how to get to the Yahoo message group, click on the Yahoo Mailing List tab at the top of this website.