TSS now additionally on Facebook, Chain Of Command Event, PEL Soon

Facebook Lawsuit
TSS Joins Facebook

Some news items:

– We are now on Facebook! We will cross-post event information on that site for ease of folks setting reminders and such. The page is at : https://www.facebook.com/trianglesimsociety/

– Hangar 18 Hobbies of Cary, NC is hosting a Chain Of Command event on August 27th. That event is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1730382083908091/

– We will post a PEL for Southern Front by September 5th. We have 18 submitted games thus far. A cursory evaluation of the time slots shows there are tables available for all days/times. Get your games in now by mouse-over the Southern Front menu above, and click on Southern Front Games Submission Form.

– We went ahead and added Southern Front 2016 as an “event” on the Facebook page, so if you use FB often, you can like the page and Subscribe to that event for reminder sake.