The Spring Offensive Is Cancelled

Per a post by Bruce S on our yahoo mailing list, The Spring Offensive gaming convention is canceled. See post below:

” I’m striking the colors for the event fellas.  To be perfectly clear. The Spring Offensive is cancelled.If you’ve made hotel reservations call them and cancel.  The latest advisory from CDC is no groups over 50 should meet. With that, I couldn’t justify keeping my rear guard over the bridge any longer. 

They won’t be able to discover where the truly bad locations for outbreaks are till they get the testing unpacked, which is weeks a way,  so I’m not planning on re-booking the event or pushing it back. It’s game over. 
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I got a lot of friends on this board and want to keep ’em around as long as possible.  I am very much obliged for all the support through the entire process. Our high water mark was 27 games, an astronomical number for the first go. 

I’ve learned a lot over the year. I think the new PEL format we were trying was working really well.  Peter Robbins, you’re the man for helping me through so much. I take a quantum of solace in knowing that it took a historical event to undo the effort.  Can’t make this up.

I’ve been working  on the side to stand up the  Cauldron Game Day which was nominally set for June 6, but the situation is in doubt. 
Any fault in this fiasco is mine, and mine alone.

Have a good one – Bruce “