Flashpoint Game Day – Hangar 18 Announced

Here is a quick note from Bruce S regarding our next attempt at a Game Day at Hangar 18 Hobbies of Cary, NC. I’m also adding in just a handful of photos from the last game day we held back in February at the same locale.

(gallery from last game day at Hangar 18, back in February)

From Bruce: “Read carefully we’re gonna try and put our toes in the water and see how it goes.

First safety measures. The room will be decontaminated the night beforeSurfaces in the room will be wiped down before and between the games. Brian may purchase a UV device that will decontaminate as well at the door. The room will be aired out every 30 minutes or so by opening up the front and back doors. Hand sanitizers will be around and I’ll have mask available for those who want to wear them.

We will limit the number of players. We will try for 2 tables and 2 time slots.The tables will be catecorner to each other. There will be 4 players and 1 judge per table max participation.Games by others will not be allowed. We have the room, with the exception of shoppers looking at the products on the wall. It will be up to the individual whether he wears a mask or not. There will be no comments about the choice a person makes. Conversations about the pandemic and politics will/should be left at the door. We’re doing this to escape that shit.

I want to plan for Nov. 7 1st slot kicks off at 10-ish, store will open earlier for first game set up. Second slot starts at 2-3-ish. If there was a disease that was designed to target our hobby, we’re facing it. Can’t make it up. Many of you are older and I don’t expect attendance from that cohort, we all have spouses and families that must take priority. The precautions outline above are an effort to give you confidence to attend. There are some of us younger bucks who I suspect wanna give it a go and I guess I fall into that camp.

I don’t know if it’s going to work. This is a cautious experiment to see if this is viable and to work out how a very modest effort might be replicated in the coming months. As for cons and back to a new normal next year, I’m gonna stick my neck and say it ain’t happening, (which probably means the opposite) distributing a vaccine to 300 million plus people doesn’t happen over night. If this “Plan B” works, then we’ll do it again after the holiday.Love to all and Go SteelersBruce ”