28mm ACW Carnage & Glory AAR

David Bonk via the Groups.io mailing list:

Had a good turnout for the 28mm ACW Carnage and Glory game on Saturday at the Cary VFW. Eight stalwarts showed up to play, Lyle ran the game and I assisted some of the new CG players as best I could.

The scenario pitted four brigades of Union troops against four brigades of Confederates. The Union’s objective was to push the Confederates out of a line of hasty works and a farmstead. The Union successfully advanced in the center and on their right but a determined Confederate counter attack on the Union left threatened to collapse the Union flank. The game ended in a minor Confederate victory, with just over 1,100 Confederate casualties and 1,800 Union dead, wounded and missing. Despite being poised to capture the Confederate works in the center and right, the Confederate threat to their left flank caused no little consternation on the Union side, requiring a redeployment to shore up that flank that would have suspended the Union advance. I posted a couple of pictures in the photo section. 

A post game celebration¬† was held in the VFW bar and several gamers took advantage of the fine St. Paddy’s Day special special of corned beef and cabbage.¬† Thanks to Neal and Brett for their hospitality.