40mm Napoleonic Match

David Bonk hosted a 40mm Napoleonics Match recently and here is here quick AAR and a couple of photos of the match.

David Bonk’s AAR:

Thanks to everyone who came out today to play in the 40mm Napoleonic’s game, especially Dr. Bob and Joe who traveled up from Charlotte. The scenario pitted a weak division of Russians infantry, a small brigade of cavalry and two brigades of Prussians against a French and a Polish infantry division supported by a brigade of light cavalry and two squadrons of cuirassier in 1813 Saxony. The French objective was to secure a section of road by driving off the Russian and Prussian defenders.

The French and Poles marched boldly onto the field while a Prussian brigade also arrived to reinforce the defensive line. Advancing towards a Russian battery dug in behind earthworks a Polish battalion was riddled by cannon fire before being  ridden down, along with neighboring battalion, by four squadron of Russian hussars. After riding over the Poles the Russian cavalry failed to break their next targets, two Polish battalions formed in to square and were forced to retreat. While the Russian cavalry charge staggered the Polish advance they quickly reorganized and resumed their advance. On the other flank the French infantry moved relentlessly forward, driving the Prussians from a farmstead and the surrounding fields.

Resuming their advance on the left a regiment of Polish lancers, four squadron, rode down a Russian jager battalion deployed in extended order, scattering the battalion and capturing 230 prisoners.  With the French in possession of the road, the Allied artillery exhausted and brigade morale beginning to fail, the Russians and Prussians ordered a retreat. The game was declared a French victory, although at the cost of over 2,300 casualties, compared to just over 1,000 for the Allies.

The picture on the left shows the Russian end of the defensive line, with the hussars returning after their successful charge. The picture on the right is of the French, crossing the road to assault the Prussians positions at the farmstead.