Pic From Southern Front 2019

Below you will find the game schedule for Holiday Muster 2021, to be held on the 10th and 11th of December 2021, at the Cary VFW: address
522 Reedy Creek Rd, Cary, NC 27513

The preliminary game schedule for the TSS Holiday Muster at the Cary VFW on Friday, December 10 and Saturday, December 11 is provided below. All game times are subject to minor adjustment as necessary. The games will be held in the smaller house opposite the main building. The house includes an open floor plan that can accommodate three table sets. Not sure how many can make it on Friday night, so I’ve only scheduled one game but we’ll have another set up and ready to go if there is enough interest. If anyone wants to run a game on Saturday we’ve got a slot or two open in the afternoon/evening timeframe, so let me know what you’d like to do. We’ll have access to the VFW bar for post holiday/post game libations as needed.

Hope to see you there…lf anyone has any questions drop me a line.

Friday: 6pm- 40mm AWI. Westchester County, New York, September, 1776. American General Charles Lee attempts to capture a strategic crossroads and cutoff a British supply train near Valentine Hill. Carnage and Glory Computer Moderated Rules. David Bonk

Saturday: 10am- 28mm ACW game.   A tussle in Tennessee, 1863. Carnage and Glory Computer Moderated Rules.  Lyle Bickley

Noon- The Raid, The terrain is 1/700 scale and it’s a Pacific anchorage for the Japanese Fleet, grossly patterned or inspired by the Truk Atoll.   Using 1/285 carrier aircraft players will get the chance to shoot up and bomb the anchorage filled with subs, auxiliaries, various juicy combatants that are at anchor, and an airfield.  Naturally, the flak will be heavy and the vaunted Zero will be aloft.  Fair warning the rules are worked out, but we might have to make a few up as we go, so players will get the chance to add their bit of creativity for future games. Rules: Red Sun Blue Sky modified. Bruce Schaper

Bruce sent along a nice video preview of The Raid table here: https://fb.watch/9HemwM4JwQ/

Noon-  ***CANCELLED The song of the Troas –   First playtest of a hero skirmish on the plains of Troy.  Each player commands a few heroes from the Iliad and a gaggle of followers.  28mm using Home rules.  Peter Hume CANCELLED***

4 pm-  Cruel Seas– David Walser

5 pm- 28mm Medieval- Playtest of Beta version of Carnage and Glory computer moderated rules. David Bonk